Bespoke Slippers – The What, the Why and the How Do I Get Them

Bespoke Slippers

Bespoke slippers are the ultimate in sartorial style. As traditional as it seems to pair them with a dressing gown or smoking jacket, having your own pair of bespoke slippers is an investment that carries beyond your front door.

As we’ve mentioned before, Pitti Immagine Uomo is just around the corner, and if you’re thinking of getting a pair of bespoke slippers made, you’ll have to get your designs in by the 15th April. The only question now is… how will you choose a design?!

Handcrafted Albert Slippers

Let’s talk about the foundations; our basis is the famous Albert Slipper, so-called because of Prince Albert’s supposed introduction of mens luxury slippers as a popular style. You could say albert slippers were the sliders of the Featuring a quilted lining in a choice of colours, a leather sole and the all-important velvet – that’s not to say it doesn’t deviate (we’ve recently enjoyed using a camouflage hair cow leather that’s been super popular) – the Bowhill and Elliott slipper has a famous outline.

The Colour – Binding, Lining and Velvet

So now you have your basis in the albert, and you’ve decided to go for velvet slippers, it’s time to choose the colour. This isn’t just restricted to the main velvet colour, which we’ve crafted in wine red, black, green, navy, regal – you name it – but also the binding and lining. The binding is a decision between contrast or complement (both have their benefits), and as for the lining, you could go for the papal purple of our Bowhill Exclusives range, or perhaps an opulent gold, or even a leather lining. It is all up for discussion.

Slipper Embroidery and Adornments

To our mind, there is nothing more classic and fitting than the monogrammed slipper; it has been a hallmark of royalty and dignitaries, and allows you to make an easy decision on personalisation. With up to three initials possible and a choice of letter style, it’s a timeless choice. If you’re looking to express more of your personality though, you can either choose one of our existing styles or dictate the brief yourself. We have enjoyed handcrafting our customers’ requests with detailed embroidery, from country flags, to smoking skeletons, stag slippers, family crest slippers and more. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of slippers for your rowing club with the club’s emblem, or are just looking for the simple adornment of a tassel? We’re so looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Looking for Shoe Slippers?

Perhaps it’s because of our famously British weather, or maybe we just want you to be able to show off your slippers at every occasion, but our recently developed Street Slipper will become a staple of our range soon.


Royal Wedding Shoes: Finding the Right Pair of Ladies’ Dress Shoes

Royal Wedding Shoes

It’s the hottest ticket in town, and unless you’re the Obamas or Elton John, you might not have received your invite yet to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19th May of this year.

But if your die-stamped royal invitation by artisan printer, Barnard and Westwood has just been held up in the mail, you’d better start thinking about what shoes you’re going to wear. We know that Kate Middleton opted for Alexander McQueen for her own wedding heels, but there has been no speculation or press release regarding Meghan Markle’s shoes. Perhaps Prince Harry will take inspiration from his godfather, the aforementioned Elton John who we were privileged to make a purple pair of bespoke velvet slippers for, for his own wedding.

That being said, even if you’ll only be witnessing the royal wedding from your telly, May marks the start of wedding season, and no doubt invites from your own friends and family will start flooding through the door. Searches for “ladies dress shoes” often yield quite formal results, and “ladies wedding shoes” will possibly assume you’re the bride, so we’ve saved you the effort and handpicked a few styles for a range of outfits.

Peter Kaiser Wedding Shoes
The Peter Kaiser Peep Toe Sevilia
Peter Kaiser Wedding Shoes
The Peter Kaiser Marie

Peter Kaiser shoes are a failsafe brand when it comes to wedding shoes for guests, and the Peter Kaiser Sevilia in powder pink (£135) is a peep-toe court shoe that world work well with a spectrum of spring / summer colour outfits. Their Peter Kaiser Marie (£135) is a nude court shoe with more of a block heel to stop you sinking into the wedding venue’s green!

Comfortable wedding shoes?

Comfortable wedding shoes are the absolute holy grail of ladies’ dress shoes. If that’s what you’re looking for, you may think about a pair of smart pumps like the HB Alize (£130), which will brighten up any formal dress with its mosaic of colours.

If you’re just going for the evening, wedding shoes for the reception can be more daring in colour, and the Brunate Flora (£155) is a perfect example of style and comfort, with its modest kitten heel allowing you to dance the night away without leaving with them in your hands.

Follow our Pinterest board and we’ll keep adding wedding shoes for guests ideas.

The Effortless Art of Sprezzatura Styling.

What is Sprezzatura?

There’s a movement taking place on Instagram. We say movement, but really we’re talking about its popular tags; amongst the heavy hitters of #mensstyle #ootd #gqstyle and so on, is a subculture of fashion originating in Italy; Sprezzatura.

Sprezzatura is one of those words like ‘schadenfreude’, the German word for taking pleasure in someone else’s pain, and ‘hygge’, the Danish term for cozy contentment that has no direct translation in English. Put as simply as possible, it’s the art of dressing stylishly but seemingly with no effort. If you’re looking for a modern comparison, Beyoncé’s, “I woke up like this” pretty much covers it.

Struggling to get your head round the notion? Think a jeans and jacket combo with your pocket square peeking over nonchalantly. A couture tie that doesn’t have its end tucked neatly behind buttons or a tie pin, but hangs free along with the ends of your just-thrown-on scarf.

Sprezzatura Shoes

As we are all too aware of though, you can’t consider an outfit well styled unless you look all the way down to the feet. So what shoes could enhance your sprezzatura look? If you’ve gone casual with your trousers, and are sporting denim, we would suggest a timeless brogue, like the Barker Westfield Cedar Brogue or the Loake 1880 Burford Tan Brogue, which is a boot style – fantastic for tucking beneath your turn-ups.

Of course, nothing says “I woke up like this” more than wearing your velvet monogrammed slippers to your social gathering. With the addition of our new Street Slipper, you’ll be able to swagger down the street in your favourite pair, with enough grip and sole to stand up to your environment. Another trademark of sprezzatura style seems to be the odd pop of colour, reminding voyeurs that this is a deliberate statement. The Barker Valiant Red Oxford would do just that job, but if you’re not feeling that brave, a daringly contrasting sock would suffice.

Talking of social gatherings, those that follow the sprezzatura tag on Instagram do tend to value the art of dressing well, and the spiritual home of sprezzatura is Pitti Uomo, or Pitti Immagine as it’s also known. There, the dapper gents line the streets being snapped by the biggest style publications. GQ have done their own ‘GQ Stories’ feature on sprezzatura, and another article on ‘How to Wear your Tie Like an Italian’.

If you’re in need of more inspiration, we’ve put together a sprezzatura Pinterest board, but we’d love to see your own too. Follow us and tag us in your boards and Instagram posts too so that we can see your efforts… but remember to make it look as effortless as possible.

4 Other Designers who know that Mens Slippers are This Year’s Must-Have


The fashion world’s eyes were firmly fixed on Milan this month, as the annual Milan Men’s Fashion Week invited the glitterati to take a look at how the runway will be influencing the AW16 season. We were delighted to be amongst it all, staying near the picturesque Duomo, on a trend-finding mission. Even though we were open to new discoveries, it was our very oldest friend – the humble slipper – that was getting its moment in the spotlight. We’ve added a few photos from our Instagram account below – you can also follow our adventures at


These beautiful Moschino slippers embrace the classic silhouette, making them a perfect pairing for these daring colours and textures.



These romantic Jacquard slippers from Gucci are all about the detail, with delicate leather piping and gold finish horse-bit.


Giuseppe Zanotti

Another classic silhouette from Zanotti in tan suede and decorated with an intricate beading design.



Uri Minkoff

Minkoff’s soft leather slippers make perfect lounge wear, but also a great accompaniment to this beautiful tailored suit.

Uri Minkoff Men's RTW Fall 2016