We’ve gone back to the archive for this one and it’s pretty special.

hard sole grecian slippers
Our Red Velvet Hard Sole Grecian Slippers

You might have seen our latest launch on our social channels, showcasing the best hard sole grecian loafers, yes we are putting that out there. We are pretty proud of this one. It’s been a style we have been wanting to make available online here at Bowhill & Elliott for a while now, well we can safely say the wait is over.

With a history as long as ours, 149 years to be precise, it’s fair to say our archive is bursting with designs to explore. We’ve gone back to 1970 for this pattern, introducing the 7036 (the 36 referring to the 36th pattern we developed) and so it began, the hard sole grecian was born. Back in the golden age of British shoe manufacturing we would often launch new patterns on almost a weekly basis, fast forward to today and we take a far less industrial approach, working on a more sustainable made-to-order ethos. As champions of considered purchasing; each pair sold should be seen as an investment, to be worn and enjoyed, very much the opposite of fast-fashion. With that in mind if you’re looking to make a statement through your choice of shoe, the hard sole grecian should be on your radar.

Mocha Deerskin Leather Hard Sole Grecian Slippers
Our Mocha Deerskin Leather Hard Sole Grecian Slippers.

Choose from plush velvet, deerskin leather, suede and even printed cow hair, the choice really is endless. Think structured in style, cut on a low vamp and discreet rubber sole, what’s not to love? If you’re looking to transition out of your chukka boots and into more of a Spring-like loafer, these could be just the ticket.

@wwc.willy wearing our Hard Sole Grecian Loafers with white socks.
Willy wearing our Hard Sole Grecian Loafers with white socks. Image by Robert Weng.

But how to wear them we hear you cry? We favour them with a fresh white sports-style sock like these, see Willy above for style inspiration, or maybe you are more of a traditionalist and wear them sock-less like Robert Weng below. When it comes to fashion there really is no rules, we like to have fun at Bowhill & Elliott and wear what makes us smile and if that happens to be our best hard sole grecian loafer than so be it!

Robert Weng wearing our Hard Sole Grecian Loafers sock-less.
Robert Weng wearing our Hard Sole Grecian Loafers sock-less.

Now we have already mentioned the discreet rubber sole, part of our street slipper™ collection, which essentially means they can easily be worn out in the world as they can at home. A great all year round option, or if you’re keen on the idea of strictly house shoes then look no further than our soft sole turn slippers. When it comes to our soft soled collection, think Monk, Mule or Grecian, the one thing they have in common is firstly they are all part of our In-Stock, which means they are ready to take away with you straight away and secondly they all have a hand ‘turned’ soft sole. A construction dating back to the 14th century, designed to keep all the stitching on the inside, which results in an invisible seam at the sole. Strictly indoor use and pretty special right?

in stock deerskin mule slippers
Our Black Deerskin Mule Slippers, part of our soft sole house shoe collection.

As with everything in our workshop, all our patterns are clicked by hand before embarking on their journey around the workshop, handmade into our easy to wear slippers. When it comes to the hard sole grecian loafers, slippers, house shoe whatever you call them, they are always luxury made especially for you. As with all our made-to-order styles if you don’t like what you see here, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ‘make it your own’, choosing from a selection of uppers, linings and sole units. The choice really is endless. The kind of shoe that will instantly elevate your outfit, we think you’ll agree these stylish slippers are worth the wait. Discover more here and in-store now.


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