We’re always fascinated to understand what it looks like in the hometowns of our customers all around the globe. While some of you will be enjoying all the changes that autumn has to offer at the moment, we’re really quite lucky to be ushering in the fresh new feeling that spring brings here in England.

What does spring look like in Norfolk, our home county? Well, we’d be in denial if we didn’t admit that despite the slightly more frequent sunny intervals, it’s still crisp (read: pretty damn cold), but it’s in our rural landscapes that you can be in no doubt that spring has sprung. In fact, inspiration for our ‘Poppies’ embroidery design (pictured here in our new colourway of claret velvet and gold quilt) comes direct from the quintessential English hedgerows that border our many fields and villages. 

The addition of the Claret Velvet Venetian Slipper with Poppies comes as we also introduce our new Flora and Fauna Collection, which builds on some familiar embroidery designs but in new combinations of pattern, cut, upper colour and sole.

Whilst not quite in time for Mother’s Day in the UK (reminder: 27th March, and you’re welcome ?), we hope they serve as good inspiration for future gift ideas. To our overseas friends who celebrate Mother’s Day later than we do, you just about have time to order!

We also welcome a wine velvet version of our ever-popular Stag’s Head, this time in silver wire. The Stag’s Head is one of our very first embroidery designs, standing the test of time with its timeless nod to our countryside again. Its reinvention here shows that even the classics are afforded a new lease of life by changing uppers and lining, just like with our embroidered ‘Ivy‘ design, also pictured below. Formerly enjoyed on a regal velvet and viridian faux suede version, the navy gives us a chance to reinvent the embroidery in gold wire, which is always a crowd-pleaser. 


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