Opera Pumps for a King, Dress Shoes for a Queen

22nd May 2018

Opera Pumps for a King, Dress Shoes for a Queen

In true English fashion, when it comes to blowing our own trumpets, Bowhill & Elliott are quite unaccustomed to it. We’re a modest bunch. We think 140 years of handmade shoes, pumps and slippers speaks for itself.

Thrilled? Well it was the week of the Royal Wedding after all, so it did seem rather auspicious. Perhaps the ladies dress shoes were intended for Harry and Meghan’s Big Day? Who knows? We do know at least one of the attendees owns a pair of our bespoke slippers. We made Elton John a beautiful pair of purple velvet slippers for his own wedding.

And a Prime Minister

It isn’t the first time our shoes have been worn by celebrities. Last year we were honoured to make a pair of monogrammed slippers for Winston Churchill a.k.a. Gary Oldman in ‘The Darkest Hour’. And sumptuous they were too; handmade Albert slippers in glorious purple velvet, with gold embroidered initials. As Mr Oldman remarked on our Instagram post: “Gorgeous!”.

Of course, Churchill was very famous for his iconic monogrammed slippers; the epitome of style in mens house shoes. However, Prince Albert was the real ‘influencer’ who started the fashion, hence the name Albert Slippers. This is possibly one of Bowhill & Elliott’s most popular style in bespoke mens slippers.

Feeling regal?

Another historical style, still very much in fashion, is the opera pump. Opera pumps (sometimes called mens pumps) are an evening dress slipper that originated in the Regency era, and became the popular choice of footwear in the Victorian era for gentleman visiting the opera. Nowadays these are the standard footwear for white-tie affairs, the most formal evening dress code. They also cut a dash for black-tie events, so they’re a versatile must for every gentleman’s wardrobe.

Here at Bowhill & Elliott we craft our own pumps in our Norwich workshop at 65 London street. The Bowhill & Elliott 6862 is a hand lasted black patent leather evening bow pump, with a quilted black lining; the perfect evening dress shoe for men.

So next time you receive that special invitation, be sure to get yourself a pair. We’re positive you’ll feel very regal in them.


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