Crockett & Jones Sonning – Polo Suede/Ivory Leather

Crockett & Jones for Bowhill & Elliott  – Sonning is a two-tone kiltie loafer in polo suede/ivory leather made on the 375 Last.

Goodyear welted with Crockett & Jones new SUPERFLEX leather sole.

Exclusive Bowhill & Elliott  Limited Edition  – 12 pairs only!

Made In Northampton – Stocked In Norwich – Enjoyed around the world





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Sonning is our latest 12 pair limited edition from our good friends at Crockett & Jones, and it is certainly a show stopper. The beauty of being a small family independent is you can sometimes do things just for the fun of it, not led by current fashions and trends. Crockett & Jones Sonning is the perfect example of this. Born from our MD’s apparent ‘need’ to have a pair in his personal collection, a dive into the extensive archive at Crockett & Jones and voila – we present a two tone Kiltie loafer limited to 12 pairs (actually its 11 pairs for obvious reasons). If quiet luxury is the new hot topic in the fashion world, catapulted by the exceptional HBO series Succession (I loved how they named Crockett & Jones by name as the must have business shoe in series one) then this Kiltie loafer is its nemesis. Inspired by the playful 1980’s ‘Preppies’, where the sporting worlds from polo, sailing and golf transcended beyond their normal circles and landed in mens wardrobes around the world to accommodate the ever challenging introduction of dress down Friday. It’s hard to imagine in todays society with WFH and hybrid working now entrenched in our everyday lives (don’t worry we have you guys covered with our very own iconic velvet slipper ranges), that once upon a time offices introduced a policy that allowed men to come to work without a neck tie, no suit required, just the conflicting message of smart/casual. This caused wide spread panic, no longer can you just rotate your black oxford toe cap Crockett & Jones Connaught with your black semi brogues Cheaney Wilfred, now you had to wear brown in town! Some men played it safe and survived the test, some men struggled, and others ran with it and embraced the chance to be expressive on a work day. Guess which one you can spot buzzing around the place at Bowhill & Elliott. Crockett & Jones Sonning is not quiet luxury . Crockett & Jones Sonning is just good old fashioned fun! Come and join us and be part of the 12 pair club.


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