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Soft Sole Turned

A little    about our Soft Sole Turned

The art of making turned slippers and shoes dates back to the 14th century, making them one of the earliest styles for more refined footwear.
The turned slippers are ‘closed’ inside out, before being hand ‘turned’, designed to keep all the stitching on the inside, resulting in an invisible seam along the sole.

Our soft sole styles are perfect for indoor wear, with the Grecian, All our patterns are clicked by hand before embarking on their journey around the workshop being handmade into soft soled carpet slippers.

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Nothing is a bigger expression of your own style and heritage than made to order, and whether it’s our indoor luxury slippers or versatile outdoor Street Slippers ®, the opportunities to add your own touch, with custom embroidery, embellishments, tapestry slippers, carpet slippers and more will get your imagination flowing and your feet yearning for your new favourite footwear.

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