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Monogrammed Slippers

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A little    about our Monogrammed Slippers

For the most daring among you the option of monogrammed or custom slippers is a must have. Although not classed as full bespoke slippers, as we still use our existing last shapes, we give you full licence to design your own personalised slippers.

Whether you opt for classic monogrammed slippers, or you’d like to immortalise a family crest, club badge or other image, we work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you fully realise your vision for your perfect pair of slippers.

get creative 


Nothing is a bigger expression of your own style and heritage than made to order, and whether it's our indoor luxury slippers or versatile outdoor Street Slippers ®, the opportunities to add your own touch, with custom embroidery, embellishments, tapestry slippers, carpet slippers and more will get your imagination flowing and your feet yearning for your new favourite footwear.

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