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Contrast Binding

A little    about our Contrast Binding

If we were going to make an assumption about our esteemed customers, it would be this: that you, dear friends, aren’t scared of making a statement. That’s not to say that it has to be an almighty shout, nor a great spectacle. We’re talking those subtle extravagances – a patterned lining here, a bold sock there.

It’s with this as our inspiration that we are pleased to share with you these styles that subvert our natural instinct to match the colour of the upper to the binding in favour of finding a complementary, yet contrasting binding.

get creative


Nothing is a bigger expression of your own style and heritage than made to order, and whether it’s our indoor luxury slippers or versatile outdoor Street Slippers ®, the opportunities to add your own touch, with custom embroidery, embellishments, tapestry slippers, carpet slippers and more will get your imagination flowing and your feet yearning for your new favourite footwear.

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