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From the Mill to the Maker: Celebrating Harris Tweed®

20th January 2022

From the Mill to the Maker: Celebrating Harris Tweed®

Navy Harris Tweed Albert Slippers

Approximately 659 miles in a north-easterly direction from our workshop in Norwich are the mills of Harris Tweed®, the celebrated protected handwoven cloth from the Scottish Outer Hebrides. 

For those who work for the mills, it takes an experienced team of weavers, dyers, blenders, carders, spinners, warpers, finishers and inspectors to produce their trademark fabrics, inspired by the endless palette of their own landscape. This is long before it reaches us – and myriad other manufacturers the world over, of course – where we work through our own processes of handcrafting - clicking, closing and sometimes turning these fabrics into something that celebrates both art forms.

Harris Tweed® cloth lends itself so well to our slippers, and not just the fireside attire. As well as the turned soft sole navy monk slippers you see above, it is also a resilient outdoor fabric to work with, as you can see from our playful, paint-splattered charcoal Harris Tweed ® Venetian Street Slippers ®, above. 


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