Bespoke Slippers – The What, the Why and the How Do I Get Them

30th March 2018

Bespoke Slippers – The What, the Why and the How Do I Get Them

Bespoke Slippers

Bespoke slippers are the ultimate in sartorial style. As traditional as it seems to pair them with a dressing gown or smoking jacket, having your own pair of bespoke slippers is an investment that carries beyond your front door.

As we’ve mentioned before, Pitti Immagine Uomo is just around the corner, and if you’re thinking of getting a pair of bespoke slippers made, you’ll have to get your designs in by the 15th April. The only question now is… how will you choose a design?!

Handcrafted Albert Slippers

Let’s talk about the foundations; our basis is the famous Albert Slipper, so-called because of Prince Albert’s supposed introduction of mens luxury slippers as a popular style. You could say albert slippers were the sliders of the Featuring a quilted lining in a choice of colours, a leather sole and the all-important velvet – that’s not to say it doesn’t deviate (we’ve recently enjoyed using a camouflage hair cow leather that’s been super popular) – the Bowhill & Elliott slipper has a famous outline.

The Colour – Binding, Lining and Velvet

So now you have your basis in the albert, and you’ve decided to go for velvet slippers, it’s time to choose the colour. This isn’t just restricted to the main velvet colour, which we’ve crafted in wine red, black, green, navy, regal – you name it – but also the binding and lining. The binding is a decision between contrast or complement (both have their benefits), and as for the lining, you could go for the papal purple of our Bowhill Exclusives range, or perhaps an opulent gold, or even a leather lining. It is all up for discussion.

Slipper Embroidery and Adornments

To our mind, there is nothing more classic and fitting than the monogrammed slipper; it has been a hallmark of royalty and dignitaries, and allows you to make an easy decision on personalisation. With up to three initials possible and a choice of letter style, it’s a timeless choice. If you’re looking to express more of your personality though, you can either choose one of our existing styles or dictate the brief yourself. We have enjoyed handcrafting our customers’ requests with detailed embroidery, from country flags, to smoking skeletons, stag slippers, family crest slippers and more. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of slippers for your rowing club with the club’s emblem, or are just looking for the simple adornment of a tassel? We’re so looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Looking for Shoe Slippers?

Perhaps it’s because of our famously British weather, or maybe we just want you to be able to show off your slippers at every occasion, but our recently developed Street Slipper will become a staple of our range soon.



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