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Anyone for a Drink? Introducing the Cocktail Collection!

20th January 2022

Anyone for a Drink? Introducing the Cocktail Collection!

Brown Velvet Venetian Slippers with Embroidered Scotch on the Rocks 2

We find ourselves once again on the precipice of waving farewell to a challenging year, and toasting the incumbent new year with hope, optimism – and hopefully – a glass of something delicious in our hands.

Depending on the situation where you are, your celebrations may be slightly muted compared to years gone by, but whether you're partying with hundreds or a handful, we have the perfect footwear pairing. Equally suited to a casual soirée at home, or full evening attire, our new Cocktail Collection pays homage to two staples of the drinks cabinet: Scotch on the Rocks and a Martini.

Which one can you not live without? Here at Bowhill & Elliott, we're quite evenly split, as we found out on our recent Black Tie Friday in-store drinks party. Half of us would take a martini (dry, made with gin, if you're offering) and the other half enjoy nothing more than a fine whisky over ice.

We're also hugely excited about the sole on the Martini; for those looking to order sizes 7-11 (UK), you will enjoy the sleek finish of a black leather sole, as you can see above – a new addition to our workshop. Although limited in size range currently, demand would see us extend the range, so be vocal and we will accommodate where we can!  


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