royal blue velvet slippers

A Royal Blue Addition to our Velvet Slippers

23rd April 2021

A Royal Blue Addition to our Velvet Slippers

Not content with our 9 other colours of plain velvet slippers, we are pleased as punch as announce royal blue as a welcome addition to our albert slippers range. It has only been one month since we launched over 20 new product lines of our own, but who are we to deny those who are looking for a little deep blue something...

Being manufacturers of our own velvet slippers, you can imagine that the choices of fabric available to us is almost dizzying. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest velvet, however, from the still extensive options available to us, royal blue fills the gap we felt we had in our colour range. The navy velvet albert is an enduring favourite with our customers and fans of our luxury slippers, but its blue hue is naturally on the darkest side of the shade, making royal blue a great choice for those who want to add a little punch to their wardrobe.

These are not just mens velvet slippers; having opened up nearly all our styles (where the last allows for a full range of sizes), women are welcome wearers too, and there are options to choose our more slender 'K' last. We are even able to accommodate the colour on a pump or Venetian style too, given our made to order service.

We couldn't keep this style to ourselves, and so we're delighted to announce that one of our newest stockists, the established Bodileys of Northampton are also able to offer the Royal Blue Velvet Plain Albert Slipper to their customers. Bodileys share much of the same history as us, being a family shoemaking business of numerous decades, and we're so pleased our paths have crossed.


So, you may be wondering what to team these elegant slippers with. Well, we enjoy wearing them outdoors as much as in, and with shops and events starting to become part of our social lives again, we have a couple of options here for you to wear. These mustard trousers by our friends at New & Lingwood (above) and white roll neck by N. Peal make the perfect pairing as a street slipper for alfresco dining during these spring nights, to fight the chill. Our slippers make for the most comfortable loafer and can be worn all day. You can also request a rubber sole or leather lining, putting them in the realm of our Street Slipper ® offering. Of course, even if you like to keep your social calendar fairly clear, the leather sole can be worn traditionally, around the house, and we promise you that you won't ever want to wear a different brand of house shoe.

But where does the name 'royal blue' come from? Well, common belief is that the name was created by clothiers in Rode, Somerset, who won a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte in the 18th Century. That is not a bad heritage, and has seen royal blue become part of the traditional English colour lexicon, aside British racing green and pillar box red.



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