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A New Website for a New Generation

12th March 2021

A New Website for a New Generation

Even brands of heritage with nearly 150 years of trading have to constantly look towards the needs of their customers of the day. We have history, but we also know that with you, our faithful followers, we have a future too. It is with this in mind that we undertook the complete renovation of our website.


It is sometimes hard to look inward, to question ways of working, current methods or platforms you share with the world, but if our time with the retail shop in lockdown has given us anything, it has allowed us time for some introspection. Looking at our website, we were able to see that there was much improvement that could be done in to the site's navigation, refinements in style and the ability for you, our customers, to customise our slippers to match your tastes.


Being our own manufacturer, we are in the enviable position of being able to respond to the individual tastes and requirements of our customers. While we don't claim to manufacture bespoke slippers, as all our slippers are crafted from existing lasts, the customisation options are nearly infinite. It is with this flexibility in mind that we decided to offer options in cut (Albert, Venetian or Pump), fit and sole on every product line that allows it. We have presented to you our interpretation of styles, but ultimately the decision comes down to you, the wearer, on how you would like this slipper to look on your foot.


Although it is a more modern way of thinking, to remove the gender from our own products, this is actually something that have been implicitly championing for generations. While we all have our own ideas on what we believe looks more masculine or feminine, it is really our customers who have challenged our perceptions over the years, and quite rightly. 

We have often had enquiries from male customers looking at some of our designs or styles that we would have previously gendered as 'ladies' and our answer has always been the same: there is no gender to our product, but rather a cut, a fit, a design and we would invite anybody who takes delight in it to call it their own. And so on rethinking the website, we decided to remove gender from our own brand and offer to all, wherever the construction allows for smaller or larger sizes, any pair that you simply love the look of.



Not being satisfied in presenting to you a new website, we have also introduced over 20 new lines to the Bowhill & Elliott brand, with some of them Limited Edition styles, using fabrics we have sourced from our travels.

There are now more ways to imagine your monogrammed slippers, with the addition of two monogrammed bow slippers, perfect for evening wear and white tie events. We have also extended our Street Slipper ® collection, with more ways to wear your Bowhills outdoors. Our slippers with a rubber sole can be worn in the same way you would a loafer and they can be styled both casually and more formally, depending on what the occasion demands.


We have only scratched the surface of what is possible with our Bowhill & Elliott range, and already have more we can't wait to share with you, including more personalised embroidered slippers.


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